Human Resources

Talent Strategy

Redsolar carries out the talent strategy of "cultivating talents through double-hundred works, putting leading personnel in important position and encouraging business startups" to provide strong human resource support for the realization of  the vision of "becoming the world's top CPV manufacturer and supplier of integrated solutions of clean energy".


Cultivation through Double-hundred Works

Continuous tests are taken to select high-potential personnel of management and technology We are glad to give them the chance to grow into the company's core management talents and highly qualified professional technicians through directed education and practical experience, thus to form a talent development environment which rewards the excellent and , advocates benign competition and encourages self-transcendence.


Putting Leading Personnel in Important Position

An incentive mechanism is tailored to leading talents and pace-setters to attract international and domestic leading personnel. Talent scout prize should be set up for those who make contributions to recommending and introducing leading talents so as to provide the leading  personnel with a positive work environment and let them feel valued and respected. And thus to inspire the full play of their skills and abilities.


Encouraging Business Startups

At the same time of self-growth, the company offers high-quality development and entrepreneurial platform to all employees. We advocate that the employees integrate their individual value into the sustainable development of Redsolar so as to combine individual success with the development of the company, the industry and society, thus to fulfill the solemn pledge of "developing clean energy to benefit human society".


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