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Ming Yang Hu Chunhua inspection visit

January 8 pm , Politburo member , secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Vice Governor Hu Chunhua in Musheng , Xue Xiaofeng Zhongshan Municipal Committee and other provincial and municipal leaders to visit the Ming Yang , accompanied inspections, investigations, Hu Shuji and his entourage visited the Ming Yang Wind Power SCD3MW overall production workshop and Rui Dexing Yang HCPV solar production plant.

Hu Chunhua Zhang Chuan Wei , chairman of the secretary reported the development and operation of the company's current situation , in 2012 the full implementation of the Ming Yang Wind Power to expand overseas , offshore layout , research -led, innovative models , talent optimization five strategies , the annual output value of 12.3 billion yuan Group , paid tax 302 million yuan , maintaining a steady growth trend, leading the entire industry.

Chairman Zhang Chuan Wei Hu Chunhua secretary also focused reported to the technical characteristics of SCD fans and industry advantages, noted in 2012 , the company has been one of the first two 200MW offshore EPC successful demonstration projects , the introduction of the American Bureau of offshore wind power engineering innovation team investment 450 million yuan of the world's largest offshore wind power project to install ship was put into use , SCD3MW large offshore wind turbine industry has been finalized , relying Guangdong Province has planned 1200 thousands Wahe wind power , with Guangdong power Group , China Southern Power Grid joint development of offshore wind power implementation has begun , Ming Yang Wind Power confident to build offshore wind power leadership. 2012 , Ming Yang Group and GWPL Eastern European joint venture company set up in Romania , with the Reliance Group , India's largest power company co- founded joint venture holding company, and signed a $ 3 billion disposable wind power construction EPC protocol international expansion made ​​significant progress.

In HCPV solar production workshop, Hu Chunhua secretary visited with interest the solar chip production process , the Ming Yang Group 's development strategy, industrial advantages such as fully affirmed , said: Ming Yang Group and Guangdong Province to seize the country to promote strategic opportunities for industrial upgrading bigger and stronger , to accelerate the realization of value from ten billion billion value by leaps and bounds , the provincial government will further increase support . Ming Yang Wind Power Group party secretary Ma Qiming , executive vice president Wang Jin , deputy CTO Caoren Jing and Yang Rui Dexing total Wubu Ning and other leaders accompanied reception .

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