Technical Advantages of Concentrator Photovoltaic



Advantage #1: Wider Spectrum absorption, higher conversion efficiency
The multi-junction GaAs solar cell used in CPV system can absorb the light whose wave length  ranges from 300 nm to 1800 nm and its conversion efficiency reaches 68% in theory. Currently, the conversion efficiency of solar cell reaches beyond 39% and that for module is 28%, approximately double of what crystalline silicon photovoltaic have reached.What's mre,the conversion efficiency of HCPV has been increasing by 1% - 1.5% annually.


Advantage #2: Lower energy consumption in production process, environmental friendliness
The volume of semiconductor HCPV consumes is about 1/1000 or even less of that for crystalline silicon. Energy payback time is less than half a year. Most of the materials that  HCPV adopts are glass and aluminum of which 97% are recyclable, therefore leave minor impact on environment.


Advantage #3: Less land occupation, higher land utilization rate
The conversion efficiency of HCPV is approximately double of crystalline silicon's,and thus the land occupation is less. Dual axis tracking system is adopted on HCPV, which allows diverse usage of land, and is daptable to various landforms.


Advantage #4: Higher power generation, lower cost per watt of electricity
HCPV utilizes dual axis tracking technology. Its power generation is higher than crystalline silicon by 30% - 40% and its power generation cost is thus lower. With the same installation capacity, the unit power generation cost for HCPV is lower than that for crystalline silicon.


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